BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

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BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

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BIRTHFIT Prental Series Weekend Intensive Class

Objectives of this course: 

  • Learn a brief history of childbirth in America and where we, as a country, are at today. 

  • Dive into definition of BIRTHFIT and the four pillars 

  • Learn Two-Minute Drills and Practice

  • Get Clear on Birth Mission Statement and Desires

  • Getting clear on expectations so that you can make sure they are congruent with environment and provider

  • Understand labor and delivery processes

  • Complete a birth plan worksheet and filter down to a single page document with mission statement at the top

  • Understand common medical procedures and protocols, especially in your area

  • Learn medical reason for a medical induction

  • Learn major risk factors for damage to the pelvic floor

  • Make a BIRTHFIT Postpartum Plan 

    • Plan for first 2 weeks at home with baby

    • Understand how to nourish your body in the first six months postpartum, including basic postpartum rehab 

  • Discuss, and learn how you can integrate, emotional essentials for birth